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Types of Terrazzo Tiles and Their Applications

For a very long time now, Terrazzo has been a preferred type of flooring in Italian homes. It is a cheap material that was created in Venice in the early 15th century, and can be used for floors, work tops, storage, and bathrooms. This material is constructed from a combination of chips of different materials, including marble, granite, glass, and quartz, embedded in a cement or resin base — which results in providing a lot of benefits for areas with terrazzo tiles installed. And in this day and age, terrazzo tiles are more popular for their dependability, environmental friendliness, and capacity to make a distinctive and aesthetic statement in any setting.

Terrazzo floors can be poured as concrete or installed as tiles. It can also be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Originally employed mostly in commercial structures, it has gained popularity in homes as a surface for kitchen surfaces such as work tops and backsplashes in addition to being used for floors. There are many different design options available due to the interchangeable colors and flecks. Terrazzo floors are often rather light and long-lasting.

With this information, terrazzo tiles are a great option for your needs — whether you want to create a sleek and modern look or a more traditional and classic feel. And there are actually several types of terrazzo tiles, each having special qualities and uses. This article will list down the common ones, and discuss how they are used for various applications as well. Continue reading to learn more.

Traditional Terrazzo Tiles

Traditional terrazzo tiles have been used for floors for generations now. And they are considered to be a classic and a durable flooring option. They are known for their strength and low maintenance nature since they are made from a mixture of marble, granite, cement, and resin pieces.

Traditional terrazzo tiles are perfect for usage in a variety of applications. Particularly given that they are available in a variety of hues and finishes. High-traffic areas including commercial buildings, public areas, and other buildings are particularly well suited for them. This is due to the fact that they are durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic and are simple to maintain. These tiles also have a classic, refined appearance. They can give a touch of luxury to any interior design project.

And with all this information, traditional terrazzo tiles are a practical and well-liked option for floors in a range of situations. All because of their durability, low-maintenance nature, and visual appeal.

Rustic Terrazzo Tiles

Compared to traditional terrazzo tiles, rustic ones look more organic and natural. They are created using a mix of organic elements like glass, sea shells, and stones that are put into a cement or resin substrate. And rustic terrazzo, as its name suggests, has a rough surface that gives it a rustic appearance. It is, therefore, a great choice for outdoor settings like ponds and pools. Its special feature is its roughness, which makes it slip-resistant. In contrast to rustic, other terrazzo kinds have a smoother finish.

Rustic terrazzo tiles can be designed to fit any design style or aesthetic preference thanks to the large range of natural materials used in their creation. And because of their special aesthetic appeal, durability, and adaptability, rustic terrazzo tiles have been a popular option for people trying to bring a little bit of nature into their homes.

This type of tile is most often found in outdoor areas of hotels, shopping centers, museums, townhouses, and the most of commercial buildings that have water features like fountains and man-made waterfalls.

Sand-Cushion Terrazzo

Sand-cushion terrazzo flooring, which is considered as the finest option for areas where there is a lot of movement and friction, absorbs minor flaws and avoids their reflection on the surface. A 2.5–3 inch slab depression will be needed for the overall composition. Then, over which a 0.5-inch terrazzo topping will be installed. A cement matrix topping of half an inch makes up this system. It is made up of an underbed, an isolation membrane, reinforcement wire, and sand dusting.

This versatile and affordable terrazzo is mostly used for interior floors. An “isolation sheet” is laid over the building’s existing concrete slab, serving as a base for the galvanized wire mesh. This mesh supports the “underbed” of the terrazzo topping, which is made of sand and cement. There are divider strips placed between the top layer and the underbed at regular intervals. These strips serve to both reduce predicted contraction and improve the beauty of the terrazzo’s colors and patterns. Additionally, this prevents surface mirroring and allows for minor defects. This makes it perfect for adding colorful designs like trademarks and artwork.

Sand-cushion terrazzo tiles are a great alternative for a range of applications. This is due to their special sound-absorbing feature, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

Venetian Terrazzo Tiles

Venetian terrazzo tiles are created with the mixture of marble and cement. However, they are then ground and polished to a high gloss. They are ideal for usage in upscale homes because of their smooth, glassy finish. In fact, Venetian terrazzo tiles are recognized for their beauty, sturdiness, and ability to give any place an opulent appearance. They are ideal for usage in fancy and elegant homes or commercial buildings, including lodging, dining places, and even for retail ones.

Venetian terrazzo tiles can be designed to fit any aesthetic desire. Especially given that they come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are a sensible option for high-traffic locations because they require little upkeep. Venetian ones have a polished finish that gives them a smooth, opulent feel that adds a touch of class to any home design project. Venetian tiles are a known option for people wishing to add a touch of luxury to their living spaces. This is because of their timeless aesthetic appeal, durability, and low-maintenance nature.

Palladiana Terrazzo Tiles

Palladiana terrazzo tiles are a form of floors that are created from bigger marble or other natural stone materials that have been glued together with cement or resin. A unique and organic look of this tile is produced by the random or placement of the stones. These tiles are actually popular in both traditional and modern design. They are also the ideal option for people who wish to give their living areas a dramatic yet natural appearance.

Moreover, Palladiana terrazzo tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as patios, walks, and pool areas. Their durability and ease of upkeep make them excellent choices for high-traffic areas. With this, they are considered to be an ideal floor choice for people who wish to create a timeless and elegant look in their living spaces. Especially since the natural stones used in their creation give them a timeless and classic feel.

Key Takeaway

Terrazzo tiles have been used as flooring for centuries, given that they are both adaptable and strong. They come in a variety of types, which includes the traditional ones, as well as the rustic, sand cushion, Venetian, and Palladiana terrazzo tiles. Each has unique look and practical features that make it appropriate for a number of uses. And because of its distinctive features, terrazzo tiles are still a well-liked flooring option for people looking for functional and aesthetic flooring solutions.

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